WLIRC httpgateway
Download the gateway here.

WLIrc httpgateway is an an servlet for tomcat webserver. It routes the traffic from a cell phone to an irc server.

Why use an Httpgateway
Because the MIDP1.0 (the standard supported by java mobile phones) standard support only the HTTP protocol. (More)

  • Http is an connection less protocol. The client got to poll the gateway frequently.
  • All Clients are connected from the same ip adress. Irc networks does most often not allow more than a few connection from one IP.

  • Buy a phone with socket support!
  • Run your own webserver with an httpgateway....
  • Hope my test server has very few users connected to your favourite network.
  • Setup an irc server who support multiple IPs.

Setup your own gateway
1. install tomcat web server
2. copy wap.jar (found inside the zip file) to tomcat webapps dir (example: c:/local/tomcat/webapps)
3. start tomcat
4. test if gateway is installed correct. enter this url in your browser 


   (example: http://thesverre.servebeer.com:80/wap/ircGateway?command=TEST (if it is port 80, the port number could be ignored)) 	  

   should get INSTALLED SUCCESSFULLY as response

5. open wlirc, go under advanced config and enter this url 

   WLIrc v0.94++       > http://<YOUR_IP>:<TOMCAT_PORT>/wap/httpgateway

   WLIrc v0.91 -v0.93  > http://<YOUR_IP>:<TOMCAT_PORT>/wap/ircGateway 

   WLIrc v0.9 	       > http://<YOUR_IP>:<TOMCAT_PORT>/wap/httpGatewayWap

remember that the address is case sensitive.

Some info about the ident deamon runned inside the gateway
The httpgateway also run an ident deamon at port 113, This is a method to identify the users connected to irc server. The ident key is generated with converting the user's ip address(or most usual the wap gateways IP) to a hex string,and concat it with a generated key from wlirc. The key from wlirc is generated on installation of wlirc and will never change for that phone. (8 chars for IP and 2 chars for the key (max ident length is 10 chars...) (example: ip: and key AB -> 7F000001AB)

List of avaiable servers