What is WLIrc 2
WLIrc is a irc client for cell phones. WLIrc 2.0 should work on all phones that support java midp 2.0.
  • Runs on any J2ME supporting midp 2.0
  • Channel text, namelist and type text in same screen
  • Program can run in background
  • DCC send/recieve
  • Notify handlers (wake up from background, midi sounds, vibrate, flashlights etc)
To download the program to your phone, simply write this address in your wap browser: http://wirelessirc.sourceforge.net/WLIrc2.jad (the address is casesensitive)

or visit the download page
Difference between WLIrc 1.0 and WLIrc 2.0
WLIrc 1.0 is based on java midp 1.0, and WLIrc 2.0 is based on midp 2.0. That means that WLIrc 1 is compatible with more devices than WLIrc 2, and wlirc 2 has more features than wlirc because of the limitations of the midp 1.0 api.