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WLIrc is a IRC Client for Java cell phones or any other device who support java MIDP 1.0.

To download the program to your phone, simply write this address in your wap browser: http://wirelessirc.sourceforge.net/WLIrc.jad (the address is casesensitive)

or visit the download page

  • Runs on any J2ME device.
  • Support multiple windows.
  • Support connection througt an http gateway for devices who doesnt support sockets. (List of available servers)
  • Saves configuration on the phone for later use. that means that you need only one click to connect and join your favorite channels.

Reported to work with:
  • Nokia: 2650(*), 3100(*), 3120(*), 3200(*), 3300(*),3410(*), 3510i(*), 3650(*), 5100(*), 5140, 6020, 6030, 6060, 6021, 6100(*), 6101, 6220, 6230, 6230i, 6230, 6255(*), 6260, 6280, 6610(*), 6610i, 6630, 6670, 6680, 6800, 6810,6820, 7210(*), 7250(*), 7260, 7600(*), 7610, 7710, 9300, 9500, ngage(*), N70, N73, N80, E60
  • Sony Ericsson: T610(*), Z600(*), Z1010(?), K500, K600i, K700, k700i, k750i, S700i, V800, W800i, W810i, W900i, Z520A, Z530i
  • Siemens: S55, C55, C60, M50, M55, MC60, M65, CF62, CX65, ME45, S65, SL55, A65, SX1(*^)
  • Samsung: E100(?), SGH-E700, X100,X426(*), X450(*),C-100,SGH-X640(?),SGH-D900
  • Motorola: T720(?),T721(?),V80, V300(*), V535, V600(*), V220,V280, Razr V3, C380(?), C381(?), C550, C650, A630(?), A768, A780, E1000, E398
  • Blackberry: 6230(?), 7230(*), 7280, 7290, 7510(?), 7520 (remove the startup channel in the settings, and join manually once on the server, otherwise you get a nullpointerexception)
  • Sharp: TM100(*), GX-15(*)
  • Alcatel: 735i(?)
  • lg: 6200, 8110(?),8130
  • Mitac Mio: 8380,
  • Nec: e616V
  • palmOne Treo: 600 (need to download J2ME first)
  • Sanyo: RL-4920, SPC-5400, MM-8300
  • Sharp: GX22(*)
  • Sagem: MyC5-2(*)
  • Panasonic: x800(?)
  • Emulators: suns wtk1.0 emulator(^)

* Can only connect through a httpgateway
? not sure if they support sockets (please tell me)
^ screenshot of model with wlirc

Reported to not work with:
  • All models who not support midp 1.0 (java)
  • Nokia: 6310i
Please tell me if you have an model who is not in this list. (also tell me if the phone support sock ets). And it is also nice if you send a picture of you model with wlirc

*** If you have connection problems you need to set up an access point with direct internet access, that doesn't go through the WAP gateway, and of course your account will need to have permissions to use this access point (regular accounts normailly don't). You should contact your network operator and ask them for the settings to configure an internet access point, or you could try this list.

*** Problems with ping timout? set your gprs settings to never disconnect or join a busy chanel.

If you have any questions or problems with the software check http://groups-beta.google.com/group/wlirc or send a mail to wlirc@googlegroups.com.

Version history:
  • v1.01 (2006-07-12)
    • New color display code (faster and less buggy)
    • Show timestamps on messages
    • socket poll (fix disconnects problems for some users)
    • Hide motd
  • v1.0 (2005-09-22)
    • Fixed scrollbar bug
  • v0.98 (2005-06-07)
    • Support central and eastern europe charset (iso-8859-2) charset (type central) thanks to David Kreus for the code
    • Save favorites, thanks to Tzavala Polina for some of the code
    • Notifiers( sound,alert) on channel, private messages
  • v0.97 (2005-01-07)
    • Support baltic charset (type baltic)
    • Operator commands (op,voice, kick)
    • Ctcp commands (ping, version)
    • Bug fixes
  • v0.96 (2004-10-06)
    • Support russian charset (cyrillic and koi8r (type in those names under config/encoding))
    • Rewrote the parser of text from server (made the client a bit smaller and faster, and a lot easier to read the code)
    • Also some minor bug fix in this release
  • v0.95 (2004-09-08)
    • Faster login to irc server in http mode
    • Saving of config is faster
    • Some bug fixes
  • v0.94 (2004-08-12)
    • Fixed string encoding in http connection mode
    • Added a notify list (notifys you when friends enters irc)
    • Added possibility to enter real name
    • Added pageup/pagedown (key 3 and 9)
    • Shortcut for send message is '*'
    • Added go to bottom of page(key 7), top of page (key 1)
    • Posiible to clear window with typing /clear
    • Minor bug fixes
    • Multiple channels on join and multiple gateways are now seperated with ' ' (a <space> chararcter)
  • v0.93 (2004-05-27)
    • Rewrote the socket connection (faster and less cpu intensive)
    • Fixed string encoding in socket connection mode
    • Possible to specify multiple gateways with ','
    • Windows buffer size is now configurable
    • Minor bug fixes
  • v0.92 (2004-01-05)
    • Irc port is configurable
    • Easier to install the httpgateway
    • Minor bug fixes
  • v0.91 (2003-21-12)
    • Added color support
    • Minor bug fixes
  • v0.90 (2003-09-15)
    • Initial release
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You could also visit WLIrc's homepage on wap http://wirelessirc.sourceforge.net/wap/index.wml

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